privacy protection

PRIVACY is very important to us!

The provisions listed below apply to all the web pages of the company 'Kakteen-Piltz'.

Use of your data
We comply with the data protection legislation and use your information only for purposes for which you have given us. We will process the data received in connection with the business relationship for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts, store, analyze and use. We use your personal information to process orders and any complaints.
We also use your e-mail address for notifications to the orders and contracts and to supply information which could be of particular interest to you.

Passing your information to third parties
Your email address will mainly utilized needed to send you a confirmation of your order. In no event shall this or other address data will be disclosed to third parties! Except, of course, our service partners, the order processing for the transmission of data required (eg the staff responsible for the shipping company and the staff responsible for processing payments). In these cases, the use of the transmitted data, however, limited to the necessary minimum.

Deleting the account and / or your stored data
You can even delete your account if you are logged into the system. Data stored on the web server are therefore deleted.
Upon request, your stored data, such as transmitted orders, emails, personal communication, etc., will be deleted by "Kakteen-Piltz" on the company's internal computers.

In some areas of our website, we use "cookies," small text files with configuration information to facilitate user functions. Use of our website sometimes requires the creation of cookies. This particularly applies to the online plant shop. These cookies are partially deleted after the order process.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when visiting or using a website. This text file stores information that can be read by the website when visiting it again at a later date. Some of these cookies are necessary because otherwise the site is unable to function properly. This applies to the online plant shop. Other cookies are convenient for the visitor: they remember your adress/shipping information for example. Cookies mean that you do not need to fill out the same information each time you visit a website. The cookies are used to, that you do not need to enter each time the same information when you place a new order. We use cookies for all your order information, selected articles, address, payment modes, etc., which are incurred during the ordering procedure.

Special Instructions - Social-Plugins
This site does not use any social plug-ins and is not, directly or indirectly with other websites or services, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., linked.

This site is regularly visited by search engines, such as Google etc., scanned for content.

We do not use tracking tools.

For any questions about privacy, please contact us, we are happy to help